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The First United Methodist Church of Pinckneyville, Illinois had it early start, as did many other congregations throughout America, as a small Methodist Society circa 1837.  Rev. James H. Dickens was the circuit preacher in Perry County.  He pulled together a Society which included Dr. Humphrey Jones and Harriet Jones; Isaac Carmack and Sally Carmack; Benjamin Hammack and Sarah Hammack; Aaron Holman and Patsey Holman; Calvin Edwards and Fannie Edwards.  The Society's initial meetings were held in the home of Dr. Jones, but were later moved to the Perry County Courthouse.

In about 1849, a structure was built to accommodate "Orthodox Christian" worship in a building referred to as the "Old Temperance Hall".  Later in 1857, property was secured to build the first Methodist church building in Pinckneyville.  Since that time, three other structures have been built to meet the changing needs of the congregation.  The first structure was build around 1881, the second around 1907, and the present structure in 1969.

In our 180 years of congregational life, the First UMC of Pinckneyville has had 54 pastors.  During the 19th century, the average stay of pastors was two years.  Since that time, the average length of pastorates has been around 5 years.  While pastors come and go, the congregation remains strong due to the long term commitment of the people who worship in this congregation.

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